Serpentarium Wildlife Park Tasmania is an indoor reptile exhibit, presenting exotic captive bred reptiles, displayed in a quality museum setting. All our species receive personal attention and the best in husbandry care as we Totally love our reptiles.

The Serpentarium will provide a museum type display of feature reptile exhibits set within a wild and exciting themed environment. Main exhibit enclosures are themed in a naturalistic and eco-friendly custom habitat setting, housing the worlds largest Python species, displayed for fantastic public viewing, education and family experience.

We have mostly juvenile reptiles housed within extra-large feature enclosures to grow up in the Serpentarium family. Displaying hidden wonders of the world with natural gem displays, treasures, cultural indigenous artefacts and custom presentations.

The highlight offer of the Serpentarium is the hands-on visitor experience, provided through displaying educational billboards, offering keeper presentations and keeper assisted handling. The Serpentarium shares a small library on the natural world & reptile husbandry, a microscope research station desk, and an outdoor rope climb play area for young adventurers.

Enjoy a coffee, light snack or lunch at Rios Cafe, seated under the veranda alongside Rio, our Blue & Gold Macaw, while overlooking an open bush pasture, with disability facilities. Located at 5 West St, St Helens Tasmania, 5 minutes drive from St Helens CBD. Gift sales available offering unique jewellery, natural stone and memorabilia.

Visitors will be able to have a photo opportunity with an Australian native captive bred hand raised Childrens or a Carpet Python. Keepers will be available in the facility answering questions and handling various species of reptile.

Observe single celled organisms live in pond water or follow bacteria as they collide under a microscope. Educational billboard displays will be provided to encourage the imagination with the entire exhibit a child friendly & family environment.

The Serpentarium will initiate a youth study group to focus on the preservation of reptiles and amphibians locally, actioned through monthly discussions, observations, and nature discoveries collecting data in the field. The Serpentarium will be fantastic for the reptile enthusiast to observe reptiles, study, research, and be part of a worldwide herpetological interest!

The philosophy of the exhibit will demonstrate the beauty of various reptiles cared for as pets, so adored by herpetological enthusiasts and zookeepers around the world, providing a personal experience to the visitor into hand raised captive bred reptiles.

In providing educational displays of international issues currently with housing reptiles as pets, conservation of those species, and the nature of those reptiles viewed in captivity, will procure an understanding of why enthusiasts have reptiles as pets, and how to care for them adequately, while maintaining their health, and natural ecology. Through the interpretation, education and demonstration of herpetology, will help raise awareness of conservation issues and the future of captive bred reptiles.

An interactive hands-on experience, into the education and care of reptiles, by experiencing the management of the reptiles in the conscientious way they are kept. The reptile exhibit will house the reptiles in such a way so as to provide easy viewing access and at the same time, provide the reptile with substantial living space, allowing the viewer to appreciate the reptiles in a more than adequate environment and naturalistic setting.

The main attractive theme of this exhibit is the environment in which the reptiles are kept, and the themed creation of living space provided. Conservation issues will be presented as well as highlighting threatened and endangered species, with a wealth of information displayed in a range of billboards, poster boards, and educational signs. Historical & Legendary stories of old mythology are told to spark the imagination.

Serpentarium enclosures, habitats, provisions, handling, and transport requirements, have all been designed per the General Standards for Exhibiting Animals in NSW, to comply and support DPIPWE Wildlife Management Codes of Practice and Wildlife Regulations.


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The Serpentarium is an insulated and bio-securitized reptile museum exhibit. Entering and departing visitors will enter through a quarantine area and have an option to walk through a footbath sanitise area within double air lock doors, part of the complete participating educational experience, including hand sanitise stations to provide a hygiene area for visitors to use throughout the park. The Serpentarium will initiate programs and events focusing on raising awareness in the importance of pond life, supporting threatened & endangered reptile species through research, conservation education, & collection management breeding programs. Billboard posters will present information on reptile husbandry, history, evolution, and theories from legend stories of old. Items of indigenous multiculturalism will be educationally presented with a historical connection story to the animal kingdom. Enjoy fresh lunch specials seven days a week. An open pasture landscaped with native plant species provides natural habitats for native species. Landscaping features throughout the park mimic jungle adventures and themes of mythology. A gift display offers a range of unique gifts, souvenirs, collectable items, with an array of photos, posters, and post cards. No venomous or poisonous reptile species will be kept on site. The business plan is a living document being updated with research and development data for best practice use. Animal Welfare and well-being are our first concern . Educational information presented to the public by way of enclosure display signs, keeper presentations, and off-site demonstrations. Serpentarium operates by the Code of Practice Wildlife Regulations Tasmania, IATA standards and EAPA guidelines.

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