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Floor Plan Features:

The Serpentarium capacity is planned for a total of 27 individual enclosures.Current stocking plan is for a total of 16 enclosures, with an additional 5 species to be risk assessed, opening for operations with 21 enclosures, leaving room for expansion and species development with future attractions. Visitors can walk completely around the center feature exhibit environments, to view all aspects of the Serpentariums’ enclosure. The name Serpentarium is themed from a terrarium suited for serpents. Main feature enclosures have large waterfall features, flowing into an elevated pond feature allowing the public to view a submerged portion of the enclosure. Landscaping feature themes provide various hide and shelter area, and open basking areas. Air lock provides keeper service tools including large cotton capture bags, gloves, push sticks and snake sticks. Air lock houses plumbing filtration units and maintenance access for individual pond features. Main feature exhibits include Aussie Bush Feature Exhibits, presenting Australia’s largest reptilian lizards and python species, the Amethyst Python; or Scrub Python, a Perentie, Lace Monitor, and Fresh Water Crocodile. An Australian Captive Bred Pythons exhibit will present popular species within the captive bred herpetological industry including, various Carpet Python species, Diamond Python, Jungle Carpet Python - yellow black morphs, Spotted Python, Stimson Python, Children’s Python, and the Black Headed Python. General exhibit includes Tasmanian native reptiles housing a Blue Tongue lizard & the Mountain Dragon. Enclosures are elevated from the floor and set with back to back enclosures allowing the public to walk all the way around enclosures for an up-close and personal viewing experience. Interactive Educational Displays are presented through interpretive signage with historical mythology, legends and history of reptiles, providing in depth information on the ecology of their species, and why these species are kept by most herpetologist enthusiasts, including behavioral characteristics, growth size, and habitat requirements. Extensive scientific profile information provided for research topics of discussion for keeper presentations and interpretive activities. The two Center Feature Exhibits, back to back in the center of the Serpentarium will each have differing visual themes on display. The first center feature exhibit is enclosure # 1, containing a waterfall feature pyramid theme, suitable for a large python, planned for future species. The second feature exhibit is enclosure # 2, set in a jungle theme waterfall feature pond with an overgrown vine engulfing a portion of a submerged fuselage of a crashed airplane & stone bench, planned for the Reticulated Python. The environmental setting within the inner main displayed terrariums is themed upon a jungle setting, with a large water feature, and small cave/rockery retreats.

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Volunteers (Keepers / Monitors)

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Community Activites

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Scales - Herpetology Studies Group for all ages

Community Habitat Outreach Activities

Become an active member of Scales at Serpentarium who will sponsor community activities, meet out local bushland to discover species, make observations and learn to report on our activities.

Learn the basics of animal husbandry, keeper duties, disease & hygiene prevention, occupational Health & Safety practices.

No charge for sponsored activities to members.

A great way to learn about nature, sustainability, conservation ideals and local species habitat.

A qualified keeper and monitor will present activities quarterly to Scales community group for on & off-site activities.

Annual membership enlists 10% off Serpentarium entry, cafe and gifts. Every member receives Scales access card ID & T-shirt.

Be part of a greater Herpetology community supporting the conservation ideals of the Serpentarium.